Fillable Ornaments

Make some fun Christmas ornaments by filling acrylic shapes with simple materials you have on hand. Here are two easy ideas!

Itty Bitty Scrappy Ornament

If you are one of those people who keeps a thread catcher by the sewing machine for loose threads and snippets of fabric, think about holding onto some of them for this little project.

Just fill one of the many fillable acrylic ornaments on the market with those little snippets, close tightly, add a hanging loop and a bow... and you'll have one cute little ornament!

 Scraps  Itty Bitty Scrappy Ornament

I Spy Ornament

The same idea applies for an ornament to keep the little ones entertained around the holiday season. In this case, you can use purchased holiday-themed buttons and embellishments. Fill the acrylic ornament with little styrofoam pellets mixed in with the embellishments. Type the list of the items you are putting in the ornament and print it out on white paper. Cut it out and glue it onto a larger piece of construction paper to create a tag. Punch out a hole in the tag and attach it to the ornament. As with the first ornament, tie a loop for hanging and attach a bow to the ornament to finish it. NOTE: since little hands will be involved in this case, it's a good idea to glue the ornament shut so that the styrofoam pellets and goodies don't fall out accidentally!

 Christmas buttons  I Spy Ornament

There are many different fillable acrylic shapes on the market! Balls, hearts, stars, teardrops... you name it!