Dimensional Flowers

I have received many inquiries about a possible pattern for the My Brother's Garden quilt. Unfortunately, this quilt involves so many different patterns it would take a whole book to contain them all!

So what we are offering here is a series of tutorials for some dimensional flowers. Many of them were used in this quilt, and there are some additional favorites of mine from other projects. 

This series is available for subscribed members only. (You are most welcome to sign up for full access to this and all patterns on this website!.)

My Brother's Garden Quilt - Detail

PLEASE NOTE: The tutorials offered in this section consist of three-dimensional leaves and flowers you can use in your projects to substitute flat appliqué shapes. For the best learning experience, we would ask you to keep a few things in mind:

1. Appliqué your design as usual, except for the 3-D flower(s). Any dimensional elements, be they dimensional flowers/leaves, buttons, beads, etc. should be added after the piece has been quilted.

2. These tutorials do not  consist of complete projects, but there is one bonus project offered for you to be able to put what you have learned into practice.