Audition Your Trims!

We all know that EQ software is an excellent tool to use as a design wall, where you can audition your fabrics to your heart's content. But don't limit your auditioning to fabrics... you can also do it with your trims and other embellishments!

In both EQ6 and EQ7 you can import photos (or scans) of your embellishments and display them on your quilt. You do have to work with images that have a transparent background (GIF or PNG), so you will have to tweak them in a graphics program before importing them into EQ6 or EQ7. Gloria Hansen has a great chapter on how to do this in her book Digital Essentials (if you don't have this book, run over and buy it right now.... it's a MUST!).

Here's an example of this. I've drawn a cake quilt where I want to use small bits of leftover lace, ric-rac, and other trims. I also have a few ribbon rosettes and some embroidered appliqués I would like to use. So I took photos of them all (on a flat, white background), opened the files up in Photoshop (you can use any graphics program you like), eliminated the white background to make it transparent, and saved them as PNG files.

I then imported these graphics into EQ7. (Click on Libraries > Photo Library > Import > From Image Files) I added all the ones I liked to my Sketchbook and from there I was ready to audition them on Layer 2 of my quilt.

Check it out! This is what one of my blocks looked like with and without the embellishments:

Now I have a good idea of what my quilt will look like!

Note: This pattern is offered in our shop here.

Don't forget to check both your EQ User Manual and the Help Files for in-depth information on how to work with photos/images in EQ6 and EQ7