Autumn Maze

Have you wondered at all about the new pieced layer in EQ6 on the Patch Draw worktable? Why would you use the Appliqué worktable over the trustworthy Easy Draw to design pieced blocks? Here's one example of why this new feature opens up even more possibilities for you in EQ6!

When using EQ5 we learned to use "workarounds" to accomplish certain things to audition ideas before cutting into fabric. I particularly learned to do this with non-square blocks. To audition ideas, I would draw the block (usually a pentagon, hexagon, or octagon) in PatchDraw. For accurate templates and/or foundation piecing patterns, I would drawn the same block in Easy Draw. Then, on the print preview screen, I would eliminate the undesired elements.

EQ6 has eliminated this workaround. We are now able to draw accurate, pieced, non-square blocks using the new Pieced layer in Patch Draw for this purpose. Look at the examples below:

I'd like to sew a tablerunner, adapting the traditional Garden Maze block. Drawing it with Easy Draw works well, although I did have to draw two blocks to achieve this interesting interlocking effect.

Autumn Maze

The tablerunner is ok, but I'd like a little more. I see the square block can easily be adapted into an octagon. That might make it more interesting. If I draw it with Easy Draw, I will get some extra patches in the corners. That's ok, because I can eliminate them when I go to print. But what about the difference in the border between the blocks?

Drawing this block on the Patch Draw pieced layer goes quickly, and those extra patches are eliminated, so I can clearly see what my tablerunner looks like. Plus, I didn't have to worry about calculating different block widths to ensure the same width border between the blocks. Check out the difference:

Autumn Maze

Download the project file and check out the notecards for additional information for each of these examples.