A Virtuous Woman - EQ6

I'd been doodling for hours, trying to come up with a *great* quilt for that most special woman in my life - my mother. She's fun... capable of seeing the funny side of any situation, so whimsical would tickle her funny bone. But she's so much more than that. So I thought, "how would I describe her in a quilt?" And the ideas then started to pour, because, to me, she is trully the embodiment of the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31.

Ok, so now I have all these designs, how about sharing? Take a look at them and see if these blocks, describe your mother, too: Thrifty Wife, Economy Patch, Charity Wheel, The Heart of the Home, Save all, Silver and Gold... but especially "Best of All." These are all lap-sized sampler quilts, so you can practice piecing techniques, applique and paper-piecing. Enjoy!

A Virtuous Woman Quilt 1 A Virtuous Woman Quilt 2

A Virtuous Woman Quilt 3 A Virtuous Woman Quilt 4


You will need EQ6 and up to open this file!