Stacked Yo-yos

This simple yet charming ornament is brought to us by my granddaughter Alexia. She has been learning how to make fabric yo-yos, and thought she would use a few for an ormament:

Stacked Yo-yo Ornament

1. Out of different Christmas fabrics, cut one 6" circle, one 4.5" circle, and one 3" circle. Make yo-yos out of the circles.

2. Stack the yo-yos on top of each other, from large to small and tack to each other.

3. Take a 6 to 7 inch length of fabric, fold in half and attach to the back of the second yo-yo as a loop from which to hang the ornament.

4. Dig through your Christmas buttons until you find something you like to sew/glue on to the front of your ornament. Alexia settled for a fun Rudolph button!

5. Enjoy your new ornament!