Simple Easter Egg Ornament

It only takes a few scraps, some filling, and a bit of ribbon, and in a matter of minutes you can sew up this darling and super easy ornament!

Just print out your template and decide how "fat" you want your ornament to be: Use the template (file link below) to cut 3 pieces for a narrow egg, like the one in the photograph, or 4 pieces for a fuller version.

Simple Easter Egg Ornament


1. Using the template, cut 3 (or 4) pieces of fabric. Use the same fabric for each egg, or mix and match. On the back of each piece, mark the red dots indicated on the template.

2. Right sides together, sew the first two pieces together along one of the edges, sewing from red dot to red dot. Backstitch at both the beginning and end of the stitching.

3. Match the dots of the third (and fourth, if desired) piece - right sides together, sew again along the seam from red dot to red dot, backstitching at the beginning and end of the stitching.

4. Sew the last seam for form the egg shape, making sure to leave a 1" opening around the middle of the seam for turning.

5. Clip the seams and turn the egg shape inside out. Stuff tightly with polyester or natural filling and slip-stitch opening closed.

6. Attach a ribbon hanger and bow at the top. Enjoy!