Stocking Stuffers

Cat Pencil Case

Carry your kitty everywhere with you! Those watchful eyes will look out for everything you carry in your pencil case! read more »

Geometric Gift Envelopes

You know the saying... "Great gifts come in small packages." So why not make sure the outside of your packages is just as wonderful as the inside? Even better, why not make your packaging out of fabric? These fun little gift envelopes are sure to charm! read more »

CD Sleeve

A fun and special gift can be as simple as a CD with favorite photos of family and friends, a homemade movie, or a favorite music mix. Add a special touch by slipping that CD into a one-of-a kind sleeve! read more »

Quick quilted bookmarks

Is your family full of bookworms, who also have the habit of reading more than one book at a time? Then having a stack of bookmarks certainly comes in handy. read more »

Wrist Cushion

A while ago I started working with a tablet and had to say goodbye to my ergonomic mouse pad. And while I love my tablet, after long hours of working at the computer my wrist does start to hurt. A rolled up sock has worked temporarily, but I thought it was time for a much prettier solution! read more »

Finger Pincushion

All you need for this practical little pincushion is a small square of fabric, some filling, a tiny bit of sewing.... and you’re set! read more »

Simple Key Holder

Tired of that old key chain? Then why not use up a few scraps of beautiful fabric and in a matter of minutes make a much for fun key holder? Depending on your choice of fabrics, this little holder can be either masculine or feminine. This is another great stocking stuffer idea! read more »

Double Eyeglass Case

Because I use both sunglasses and reading glasses every day, I have been using two different cases to carry them when I leave the house. Invariably, I seem to forget one or another and get my cases mixed up. So here's my solution to the problem: a double case where I can always make sure I am carrying both pairs!  read more »

Book Weight

These little book weights really come in handy... You can leave our books open without losing your place or damaging the spine! This is a great stocking stuffer for a book lover! read more »

Pin Keeper

Carrying a pincushion in your bag can pose a problem: inevitably, the pins fall out or stick through and catch on things. Here's the perfect solution for carrying your pins and having them available at your fingertips when you need them. Plus, isn't it fun to just make something pretty? read more »

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