All about Yo-Yos!

Variety of fabric yo-yosHave you ever heard of a yo-yo quilt and wondered what on earth that is? Traditionally, in quilting/sewing, a yo-yo could be described as a flower or rosette made up of a gathered fabric circle.

In a typical “quilt,” yo-yos are sewn side by side in rows – more than a quilt, this is really a coverlet. Sometimes they are attached to a large piece of fabric and treated like any other quilt top (that is, with batting and a backing). In these cases, they are usually tied. Yo-yo quilts were very popular in the 1930s and 1940s, sometimes arranged in patterns but most often just scrappy.

Yo-yos continue to be popular today, although you see more of them used for embellishment purposes than for quilts. They are often appliquéd onto wall hangings, bags, hats, purses, etc. And we are even seeing new shapes emerge!

In this section learn how to make the traditional round yo-yo, plus an oval, a square, and a heart-shaped one!