Fabric Collage II

Here's my favorite and really quick method for a fun, "artsy" base using thin fabric strips left over from squaring up fabric, with bits of lace and trim thrown in for good measure.

I make this "base" in different sizes, and use it as a background for appliqué designs, purses, or other smaller projects. For small projects, this is also a way to use small pieces of leftover batting.

1. Decide on the size you want your "base" to be. Cut a piece of backing fabric a little larger than that size.

2. Place your backing fabric wrong side up and place a layer of thin batting on top. Place another piece on inexpensive fabric on top (anything you like, as it will not show).

3. Place thin strips of fabric on top - I used the strips left over from squaring up fabric. Place ribons and/or other trims on top. Consider adding some yarn, as I did in my example.

4. Cover with a piece of organza - I used a wonderful emerald green. Pin all layers at corners to hold in place while you quilt (mind you, this was a small piece, so no further pinning was necesary).

5. Quilt with a decorative stitch or some free-motion quilting, as you wish.

6. Trim to size and... voilá! You have a wonderful background piece ready for appliquéing! For other small projects, simply lay down your pattern and cut out tour shape.

Here's another example. In this case, I used narrow leftover strips about 4 inches long. I decided not to use any trims, but used decorative stitches in a horizontal grid.