Let's Play House!

You're still a child at heart, and I bet you anything you had a dollhouse growing up. And you have no qualms admitting you still like to play.

Now it's with fabric, but still dollhouses nonetheless.

And you like to doodle. At least virtually, that is. Which is why you use Electric Quilt software. And why you invested in the My Dream House CD.

My Dream House

In addition to 450 library blocks, the My Dream House CD comes with 32 ready-to-sew projects. But there's still much more we can do. So remember to stop by this section and see what other ideas pop up using this particular library!

This section is for us to continue to play, as I share new ideas for using some of the blocks in this library. Your ideas are welcome, too! If you would like to share, send us a graphic of something you have designed using the My Dream House library blocks and we'll be happy to post it here for other users to see!

NOTE: This section contains free project ideas based on the designs of the My Dream House CD. There are no patterns given out in this section. To be able to use these ideas you must be a EQ software user and own the My Dream House CD.