Needleturn Applique

This is probably the choice of preference for most quilters, as it does not involve much previous preparation and goes quickly. Some people find it difficult to manage, however, when there are many pieces involved, particularly when they are laid over one another. For simple pieces, however, it is as easy to learn as any other. Practice it... with time it could also become your favorite method.

You will need chalk or a special marking pencil (washable) to trace your figure on the fabric.



Fold your background fabric diagonally in both directions to find the center of the block. Trace your figure on the right side of the chosen fabric.





Cut the piece, leaving a seam allowance around it (approx. 1/4” or less). Clip the curves (up to the sewing line, without cutting through it). Center the piece over your background fabric and hold it in place with straight pins. Use the same color thread as the piece being applied, not of the background fabric. Turn the seam allowance under, a little bit at a time, and stitch the piece to the background fabric with an invisible stitch.




Instead of tracing your figure onto the fabric, you can cut out your shape out of freezer paper and iron it onto the right side of your fabric. Cut out with a seam allowance (1/4" or less) and clip curves. Turn under seam allowance, the same as above. In this case, you can use the edges of the freezer paper to guide you as you turn the seam allowance under. Use an invisible stitch to attach the piece to your background fabric.