Reverse Applique

Used but rarely, this method is worth learning because of the interesting effect. You will find it useful if you choose to work on a dimensional project.

Reverse applique is a method used to create a hollowed out effect. As you will see in the illustrations, the background fabric is cut out and applied to the fabric of choice. In this case, the inner border, and not the outer one, is what is stitched down.



Center and trace your template onto your background fabric (without seam allowance).






Trace the seam allowance (1/4" or less) right inside the line you’ve just traced.





Cut the figure along the seam allowance. Remember to clip your curves so that you will be able to turn the seam allowance without any puckering.




Place the second fabric underneath the background fabric, covering the opening completely. Hold both layers in place with pins.





Sew the top layer down with an invisible stitch, attaching it to the bottom layer. In this method, the layers are inverted, as compared to other applique methods.