My Dream House CD for EQ5, EQ6, or EQ7

My Dream House appliqué CDThe Electric Quilt Company has compiled a collection of over 450 of my appliqué house patterns. The CD includes dolls, room quilt layouts, holiday decorations and furnishings for every room from kitchen and living room to sewing studio.

Using EQ5, EQ6, or EQ7, My Dream House designs can be used for fused or needle turn appliqué. Print the patterns from EQ5, EQ6, or EQ7 at any size, and with options to modify, resize, or re-color the patterns, you can make each pattern your own! Mix and match patterns to design your very own rooms then print and fuse to create charming projects like tote-bags, clothing, wall hangings, quilts, pillows and more! The CD even comes with a special bonus project for a Child’s Dollhouse Felt Board that is a perfect parent/child or grandchild activity!

The CD includes:
• 15 dolls
• 32 quilts
• 127 blocks
• 282 motifs
• EQ5 and EQ6 projects
• My Dream House Block Library
• BONUS Children's Doll House project on PDF

It would be impossible to give a preview of all the blocks and projects included on this CD. But you might like a sneak peek of some of my favorite projects:

My Dream House Quilt Project - His Workbench  My Dream House Quilt Project - A Writer's Desk  My Dream House Quilt Project - Home Sweet Home

My Dream House Quilt Project - Fireplace  My Dream House Quilt Project - Vanity Table  My Dream House Quilt Project - Kitchen Cupboard

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