Frequently Asked Questions - PayPal issues - MEMBERS ONLY

PayPal automatically cancels any subscription if any financial information for your account changes, such as if the credit card associated with your account has expired. And the reason is that when the subscription period ends, they will not be able to charge an expired card in order to continue a new subscription period.

We do not have access to your financial information to alert you of this fact. Once PayPal cancels a subscription, we cannot change that. Your membership with us, however, will continue until the date in which your subscription actually ends. Please note, though, that your subscription will not be renewed automatically when your term expires.

HOWEVER... if you wish to continue subscribed to our website, simply take note of the date in which your subscription expires. At that time you can sign up with us again.

Actually, you have. As a service to the many members who have requested this, our subscription plan under PayPal runs on a system of automatic yearly renewals. You agreed to having your subscription renewed automatically when you signed up. You can read the terms that you subscribed to here.

HOWEVER... you are not obligated to renew your subscription. Simply log into your PayPal account and cancel your subscription there, even if your year is not up yet. This will not affect your subscription to our website until the actual date in which it runs out. Just continue to log in as normal. When your year is up, if you have not renewed, your account with us will then be suspended.