Heartfelt Scentiments

Valentine's Day is the perfect time for small, scented gifts. Why not sew up a whole batch of sachet hearts for your friends? Add an embelishment or two to ensure a personal touch!

Simply choose the heart shape and size you like. Cut two pieces of fabric and sew right sides together, leaving an opening for turning. Clip and trim seams; turn inside out and fill with your favorite potpourri recipe. Slip-stitch opening closed. Make tons of them for lingerie and sock drawers... and to stick in that kid's smelly shoes!

Decorate with a fabric yo-yo, button, bead, ribbon roses, EPP flower...


 ...or leave plain and pack one of each fabric in cellophane for a quick gift!


Sew up in different sizes and string with fabric and/or glass beads for a fun hanger to sweetly scent your bedroom, bathroom, guestroom or any other area you like!


Or, if potpourri isn't your thing, stuff lightly with batting and close. Apply just one little drop of scented oil (preferably on the back), attach a loop and hang from your clothes hanger in your closet.


Click on link above for several heart templates