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Quick quilted bookmarks

Is your family full of bookworms, who also have the habit of reading more than one book at a time? Then having a stack of bookmarks certainly comes in handy. read more »

Quilted Lunch Bag

Send your kid(s) off to school with a healthy, homemade lunch packed in a roomy, quilted, uniquely "you" lunch bag! In addition to the roomy inside, thre is a side pocket for silverware and a back pocket for a book or e-reader. read more »

10-Minute Sandwich Wrap

Use fun fabrics and your choice of lining  to make this leak-resistant wrap! Fold your sandwich inside, close it, and secure it with hook-and-loop-tape. Then open it up and use it as a placemat! And when you're finished, just throw it in the washing machine! Make several for each family member! read more »

Lunch Pockets

Say goodbye to baggies! These eco-friendly pockets are a fresh idea to be used again and again!  Throw them in the washer or spot clean as needed, and do your bit for the environment! Use them also to organize your purse and around the house, and they are also useful for that frequent traveler! read more »

Wrist Cushion

A while ago I started working with a tablet and had to say goodbye to my ergonomic mouse pad. And while I love my tablet, after long hours of working at the computer my wrist does start to hurt. A rolled up sock has worked temporarily, but I thought it was time for a much prettier solution! read more »

Fabric Folder

Who says office folders have to be drab? Here's a chance to play around with specialty fabrics and embellishments... the sky is the limit! Make a whole set for yourself using favorite fabrics, or use them to "package" gifts! read more »

Twisted Case

Here's a perfect little gift for any and all kids... young or old! The concept behind this little case is actually very, very simple. But there is a cool trick that allows it to close all "twisted" up - really fun! read more »

Wrist or Ankle Pocket

Here's a really handy item to use whenever you go out walking or jogging and need to carry your key or a little money, but want to make sure they don't fall out of your pocket. Or for your school-aged kid to carry his or her milk money in. read more »

Tissue Holders

Don’t throw out leftover strips of quilted fabric! Use them instead to make some quick tissue holders. Depending on the size of the quilted scrap, choose one three options! read more »

Quilted Day Planner

If you're like me, you have a favorite day planner, notebook, ring binder... that much used and well loved book you carry around with you everywhere. You are used to it, you love it, and eventually it starts to fall apart. read more »

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