Stocking Stuffers

Yo-Yo Napkin Rings

Take advantage of the odd yo-yo left over from other projects to make a personalized napkin ring for every person in the family. They only take a couple of minutes to make! read more »

Twisted Case

Here's a perfect little gift for any and all kids... young or old! The concept behind this little case is actually very, very simple. But there is a cool trick that allows it to close all "twisted" up - really fun! read more »

Yo-Yo Earrings

Thoughtful, hand-made gifts do not need to be extremely elaborate or difficult to make. Here are a couple of ideas for some fun earrings any young lady will be delighted to wear. This is a great stocking stuffer! read more »

Thimble Case

One of my favorite sewing accessories is my Sewing Chatelaine. I love having my pins and needles and scissors and thread right on hand whenever I sit down to sew. read more »

Apple Coasters

Apples are fun all year round, but especially great for fall decorating. Make a quick set of apple coasters in any color combination you like! read more »

Hexagon Pincushion

I'm pretty sure that in addition to fabric, patterns, and notions, all quilters have a soft spot for pincushions and collect quite a few. This one is my personal favorite... probably because I am addicted to EPP and found this is a good way to use orphan hexagons left over from other projects. read more »

Wrist or Ankle Pocket

Here's a really handy item to use whenever you go out walking or jogging and need to carry your key or a little money, but want to make sure they don't fall out of your pocket. Or for your school-aged kid to carry his or her milk money in. read more »

15-Minute Flower Brooch

Like making yo-yos? Well, here's a slight variation and a really quick gift to make when you're in a hurry. In addition to adding a lovely touch to an attire, it can also double as a lapel pincushion! And don't limit it to that... add this little flower to your gift packages for a thought ful touch! read more »

Yo-Yo Necklaces

Put all those yo-yos you've collected to good use making fabric jewelry! Here are three ideas for some fun yo-yo necklaces. But don't stop there! Lay your yo-yos down on the table and play with different arrangements... you might be surprised at what you come up with! read more »

Tissue Holders

Don’t throw out leftover strips of quilted fabric! Use them instead to make some quick tissue holders. Depending on the size of the quilted scrap, choose one three options! read more »

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