Copyright Terms for Angie's Bits 'n Pieces


Contents on this website (including texts, photographs and graphics) are the sole property of Angela Padilla, and except as stated below cannot be used without written permission. Original patterns, instructions and tutorials created by Angela Padilla are copyrighted. Therefore, the following guidelines will apply:

1. Patterns
a) The use of any original pattern, instructions and tutorials on this website (free or otherwise) are limited to individual and personal use. Sharing or distributing any of these patterns in any form is not allowed.
b) Original patterns, instructions and tutorials cannot be used for commercial purposes, unless written permission is granted.
c) Credit for items made from original patterns from this website is not mandatory, but we do appreciate if it is included when displayed in any manner (such as a quilt show or exhibit).
d) Individual users may enlarge or reduce the size of the patterns for their personal use, but in no other way alter them.
d) Guilds interested in reproducing these patterns for non-commercial purposes must first obtain written consent. An e-mail message to [email protected] will do, indicating the interest of the group in using these patterns.
e) Teachers may reproduce these patterns for a small fee. Once again, written consent is needed for this purpose. Please address your request to [email protected].
f) The sale, alteration, commercial use or any other use of these patterns not indicated in these copyright terms is not allowed.

g) Copyright applies to the original patterns, instructions, and tutorials created by Angela Padilla, and does not apply to items created from them.

2. Photographs and Graphics
a) All photographs and/or graphics on this website are copyrighted. Photographs from the Quilt Gallery are shared as examples. Original designs from said Quilt Gallery are copyrighted and may not be reproduced by any means without prior written consent.
b) The sale, alteration, commercial use or any other use of any photograph and/or graphic on this website not indicated in these copyright terms is not allowed.

a) Individual visitors may download and save to their hard drive (or any other medium they choose) and/or print one (1) copy only of any pattern and or instructions/tutorial (free or paid) available on this website. b) We are aware that the technology sometimes experiences difficulties. Therefore, subscribed users are allowed a second attempt at downloading any approved file/page, in the event that the first attempt fails. Should the second attempt fail, please contact Technical Support ([email protected]) with an explanation of the difficulty you are experiencing.

4. Other Website Contents
1. Copying, altering, reproducing and/or distributing any of the contents of this website, other than that indicated in the paragraphs above, is not allowed.