Round Fabric Beads

This is a perfect way to use up the tiniest of scraps. And don’t throw away those snippets of thread… you can use them, too! You can even use bits of leftover batting. And don’t forget those very narrow strips that usually get thrown out. No matter how small, you can use it here.


 Roll the snippets of thread (or teeny tiny bits of fabric) in your fingers to form a ball.

Take a first scrap of fabric and wrap the ball of thread in it. Keep wrapping little scraps around the ball until you are satisfied with the size.

If you have very thin strips of fabric, these are perfect for wrapping around the ball tightly to keep all the little scraps in place. Once you finish wrapping the fabric, hold the end in place with a pin.


Wrap the ball (leave the pin in) with matching or contrasting thread, as you like. Do not cut the thread from the spool while you wrap. You will need quite a bit of thread to cover your ball. Once you are satisfied with the shape, wrap the thread around the pin a couple of times to keep the thread from unraveling. Cut the thread, leaving a tail about 8 inches long.

Thread onto a needle and start burying the thread in the bead at short intervals, going all around the bead. This helps keep the last thread wrappings in place.

That wasn’t hard at all, was it? To use in jewelry projects like necklaces and bracelets, you will need a long sharp needle (like those used in doll-making) to pierce through the bead. Alternatively, you can “sew” the beads onto each other.

round fabric bead necklace and earrings