Tubular Fabric Beads

You quilte possibly made somethings similar using paper or cardboard, but in this case you will want to use narrow strips of fabric left over from your rotary cutting projects!

For these beads you will need:

- Narrow strips of fabric (I’ve found ½” to ¾”) work the best. They need to be about 4” long, give or take
- Small-sized knitting needle
- Glue
- Optional: Fray Check

You have probably made these beads many times out of paper. If so, you will remember that the strips are usually tapered, and that’s an option here, too. Personally, I prefer keeping the edges straight.

The procedure is very easy. Simply roll the length of fabric around the knitting needle.

Dab glue at the end of the strip and press in place. (Depending on the type of glue you use, you might have to let it dry a little before pressing.)

Snip off any frayed threads. If desired, use some Fray Check to avoid any further fraying.

Here are two finished beads. On the left is a tapered bead, and on the right one with straight edges. You choose whichever you prefer!

These fabric beads are fun to mix with glass or ceramic beads. Here is an example of one possible project: