Day 4: Block and Sashing Strips; Cornerstones. Let´s Cut them!


Now we've finished appliqueing all our kitty cat blocks, we can start preparing the strips we will be using to complete the blocks. And while we're at it, let's cut the sashing strips and cornerstones, too.

1. Strips for blocks: you will need a ton. (For my quilt I estimated around 180 strips.) Dig through your scraps and separate any strips measuring anywhere from 1½ to 3 inches wide. The shortest need to be 6½ long, and long strips can be cut to size as you work along.

Take a quick look at my process in preparing the strips for my quilt:


Please note: I intended initially to prepare a tutorial for this method, and then decided a quilt along would be more fun. So please disregard any comment in the video not related specificall to this cat quilt project.

2. Sashing strips: You choose the fabric. Anything you like. In my quilt I've used a white fabric, but there is no reason why you couldn't change that to whatever you like. Just go for it!

For the lap size quilt you will need sixty (69) sashing strips measuring 1½" x 10½." Go ahead and cut them, then set them aside until it is time to assemble the quilt top.

3. Cornerstones: For my quilt I chose an orange fabric. Here again, the choice is yours. Any color you like. Or go scrappy with the cornerstones, too, and use up any leftover squares of fabric.

For the cornerstones you will need thirty-six (36) ½" squares.

4. Borders: While your at it, why not cut these out, too? You can use the same fabric you used for the sashing strips, or choose something different. Regardless of your choice, you will need to piece several strips to obtain the finished length you need.

For the side borders you will need two strips measuring 3½" x 60½". For the top and bottom borders you will need two strips measuring 3½" x 66½".

To recap, this is what you need to cut today:

                     Description                     #                          Size

                    Block strips               as needed           Minimum 6½# - any length you have

                    Sashing strips                  60                                     1½ x 10½"

                    Cornerstones                   36                                     1½ x 1½"

                    Side borders                     2                                      3½ x 60½"

                    Top/bottom borders          2                                      3½ x 66½"


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