Black Cat Quilt Along

This quilt-along has ended, but you can continue to work on this project on your own. Just access all the parts in the order given, and... you're set to go!


Black Cat Quilt Details:

Size: lap size, finishing at 62."  (You can easily add blocks if you like, for a larger quilt)

1. Twenty-five (25) squares of background fabric 7½." You can use the same fabric, or mix and match. Estimate about five (5) fat quarters. Or dig into your scrap stash for pieces that large that you can use for your background blocks.

2. An assortment of strips measuring anywhere from 1½ to 3" wide and a minimum of 6½ to 10½ long. If you wish, you can use jelly rolls, or any leftover strips. If you have shorter strips, you can join them! Don't worry about combining fabrics... anything goes!

3. 1+3/4 yards of fabric for sashings and border (I used white for my quilt, but you should feel free to use any fabric you like).

4. 1/8 yard of your choice of fabric for cornerstones

5. 5/8 yard black fabric for cat heads

4. Scraps of bright green fabric for cat eyes and of pink for noses

5. Optional: embroidery floss in a light color (pink, white, gray) if hand embroidering whiskers

6. 72 x 72" Backing fabric

7. 72 x 72" Batting

8. ½ yard binding fabric


Day 1: Choosing background fabric and appliqueing first 10 cat blocks (2 cat designs)

Day 2: Appliqueing 15 blocks (3 cat designs)

Day 3: Cutting and preparing strips for cat blocks, sashing strips, and cornerstones.

Days 4 & 5: Sewing the blocks

Day 6: Joining the quilt top

Day 7: Quilting and binding.