Photo Memories Townhouse

San Francisco has to be one of my favorite cities in the world. Maybe because its hilly landscape posed unusual challenges for architects, they seemed to come up with novel ideas to make of this a truly charming city. And this is what I was thinking when drawing the townhouse templates for the My Dream House collection. One of the house "templates" is precisely of a Victorian-style townhouse, reminiscent of those you see in San Francisco.

You can use the different blocks in this townhouse project to "build" your own houses: go up as many floors as you like or make a shorter house; and then add several houses to make a true row of townhouses.

And then, naturally, you can access the MDH libraries to fill your houses with furniture and accessories:

These two projects are actually already included in the My Dream House Collection. But are there other ways to use these designs? Well one that comes to mind immediately for me is how this particular house would be a great setting for a photo memory quilt. What would you say?