Fat Quarter Star and Tree

One of the loveliest traits in the quilting community is that of gift giving. And, as we all know, the gift of fabric is always sure to delight. Here are two ideas of how to fold fabric quarters with a Christmas theme. Be they the gift itself or the final touch to your package of sewing goodies, these little packages of folded fat quarters are sure to delight!


Fat Quarter Foldings

Loved this post and so simple to do as well. Thank you Angie.

I like them so much!

Great idea, Angie. Surely, any quilter will love one of these original gifts! As a housekeeping tip, I want to share that, as you folded the triangles for the star, is exactly the way I fold the groceries' plastic bags. This way I can keep'em neatly and almost bulk-less in a small drawer of my counter.

Angie, thank you so much. I

Angie, thank you so much. I have never seen the tree before. I love decorating my sewing room with different folds of fat quarters. This will not only be a great way to give a gift, but help decorate too! I love it! If you have more folds, I would love to see them. It's pretty addicting once you get started! :-)

Fat quarter tree

I love that Angie. I'm exchange with a girlfriend every year, so that's what she is getting this year.
Thanks so much.