Designs with Multiple Pieces

Given the many different appliqué techniques available, when it comes to preparing your background block and pieces you may also face the dilemma of how to proceed. This is what works for me - bear in mind that I mostly hand appliqué and use the freezer paper method at that.



I usually use transfer paper and/or translucent paper to help me in placing the pieces on my background block. On the white sheet of paper you can see my original appliqué design, which I have also printed out on translucent paper (in the foreground).





1. Take the background block, fold diagonally and press so that you can clearly see a creased "X".






2. Take the original design and crease in the same way. Place on top of the block and match the creases.






3. Slide a piece of transfer paper between the printed design and the background block, taking care not to move the position of the design. If necessary, pin along one side to help you keep the design in place.






4. For needleturn appliqué you will probably want to trace the entire design onto the background block.

For the freezer paper and other methods, all you really need to do is trace some placement guides.





5. You can now proceed to appliqué your pieces in the order given in the pattern, using the traced guides to help you place them in the right place on the background block.





1. For this method, transfer your design onto a piece of translucent paper. Prepare your background block the same way as with the transfer paper, steps 1 and 2. The only difference here is that you will be working with the translucent paper instead of the original design.




2. Lign up the design with the creases on the background block. In the order give in your pattern, slip the pieces under the translucent paper, slide them in place and appliqué.






3. Since you can see through the translucent paper, this is a quick way of checking the placement of your pieces very easily!




What do I do? Sometimes one or the other method, and sometimes I combine them. I find that the combination helps me ensure proper placement.

Once you finish sewing on all the pieces, don't forget to trim your block!