Itty Bitty Pieces and Odd Skinny Shapes

This is probably the question I am asked most frequently: How do you appliqué such tiny pieces? And yes, I tend to favor small quilt projects over large ones.

My answer to this question is... it depends. On the size and shape. And on the mood I'm in at any given moment. Here are my options:

1. Blanket stitch appliqué. I take a little scrap of my chosen fabric and iron a piece of light-weight fusible interfacing onto the back. I then lightly press the freezer paper to the front of the fabric and cut out the pieces. I blanket stitch them in place using only one strand of embroidery floss in a matching color.


I find the blanket stitch appliqué method is also very helpful when dealing with very skinny and odd shaped pieces:


2. Hand or machine embroider the piece. For pieces such as leaves, use your machine's special embroidery stitches (if it has them)!

3. Paint them on! With all the special fabric markers, paints, and pens on the market today, we certainly have choices. And sometimes it is fun to work with them for added interest.