Fabric Collage I

What to do with those odd-sized and teeny tiny scraps of fabric left over from your quilting projects that you just can't bear to part with? Not to worry… there is still something else you can do with them. Let’s make more fabric!

Fabric collage with bits of fabric, threads and embellishments can open up new possibilities in your quilting. Use whole pieces of fabric collage for your projects, or incorporate smaller pieces in your quilt blocks for an interesting effect. And this is so easy to do!

1. Decide first if you are making your collage for a specific item or if you want a piece large enough to be able to cut smaller pieces from. Once you decide the size, cut a piece of foundation fabric (muslin or any other thin, scrap fabric you like) that size. If you are going to use your fabric collage for a specific project, cut the foundation 1-2 inches larger all around.

arranging scraps on foundation for collage2. Arrange the fabric scraps randomly on your foundation square. (If desired, first spray your square with adhesive spray to hold the pieces in place.) Overlap edges by at least 1/4” to cover the foundation fabric completely. For added interest, cut the edges of some of your scraps with pinking shears.


free motion fabric scrap collage3. You will now want to hold down your pieces so they don’t fly off while doing your embellishment. Using a straight stitch, sew back and forth over the fabric horizontally and vertically, creating an irregular grid. Don’t worry about the space between lines - you can pretty much eyeball them. OR

Do some free motion stitching all over the piece. Remember: the objective here is just to hold the pieces down.


decorative stitching on fabric collage 4. Continue to stitch randomly, using decorative stitches, until all scrap pieces are anchored to the foundation fabric and all edges are covered.




couching on fabric collage 5. If you wish, couch ribbon or cording, or add some more decorative stitching with metallic or variegated threads. The sky is the limit! At this point, you could also decide to sandwich your piece for this last part, and use the couching and decorative stitching to quilt your piece.




6. Your piece is ready! Trim to whatever size you wish and enjoy!