EQ with Me: Appliqué Drawing

Learn to draw appliqué designs with the latest companion book for EQ7! This book walks you through all the tools of the PatchDraw worktable, teaching you how to draw and edit appliqué patches to create your very own fun blocks.

Take patches from existing blocks, edit them and mix them to create brand new designs. Use building blocks as guides to develop a more realistic drawing. Draw freehand and learn, how to trace... and so much more!


If you already have my EQ6 Applique Drawing, don’t buy this book. If you don’t have it already, grab it while you can. You’ll love how it will help you draw!


Want some more?

When I worked on this project I found there were tons of ideas I would have loved to share, but simply would not fit into one book! So here they are! Continue building your applique drawing skills with a few more lessons that build on what you have already learned in the book!

Please note, however, that these lessons have not undergone the fine editorial fine-tuning offered by my two editors at the Electric Quilt Company. In any case, I do hope you will find this material useful!

EQ6 Applique Drawing

I absolutely love your book!!! I have EQ6 and 7 and have found this to be a tremendous help. And the faces!! Well one can spend hours having fun just there alone. Thank you ++++++
Bev Crouse
Nova Scotia Canada