My Dream House CD for EQ5, EQ6, or EQ7

My Dream House appliqué CDPlay house with over 500 pieces to mix, match and make!

The block patterns and projects are installed into and printed from EQ6, EQ7, or EQ8.

Modify Angie’s prize winning designs for fused or needle-turn appliqué in any size you prefer.

Make the quilt projects as designed, or create your own pillows, tote bags, wall hangings, and quilts using the motifs. Quickly print the designs onto pre-treated photo fabric, cut out, fuse and quilt. So easy! You’re the “interior designer” for your own Dream House projects.

Includes seasonal decorations — decorate your dream house for the holidays!

Contains blank houses to fill with furniture and accessories. Perfect for children/grandchildren projects. Make furniture repositionable by backing with flannel to “stick” to your house.


The collection includes:
• 15 dolls
• 32 quilts
• 127 blocks
• 282 motifs
• EQ5 and EQ6 projects
• My Dream House Block Library

It would be impossible to give a preview of all the blocks and projects included on this CD. But you might like a sneak peek of some of my favorite projects:

My Dream House Quilt Project - His Workbench  My Dream House Quilt Project - A Writer's Desk  My Dream House Quilt Project - Home Sweet Home

My Dream House Quilt Project - Fireplace  My Dream House Quilt Project - Vanity Table  My Dream House Quilt Project - Kitchen Cupboard

PLEASE NOTE! The block patterns cannot be printed directly from the block file, and must be installed to the EQ User Library, so you need  EQ6, EQ7, or EQ8 software to print the patterns.

 This product can be obtained from our online shop


Dream House

Wow Angie, Congratulations!!!!!! It looks absolutely fantastic. I'm definitely going to get it after the New Year.

Warm hugs,


how exciting Im going to buy this next month love the idea of making ahouse quilt,,,,,and I love my EQ for sizing,,,,,

Great News

This is wonderful news Angie, I looked at the information on EQ's site and it all looks great. Happy Quilting. Joany

That is so exciting...

That is so exciting... Congratulations!

Dream House

I would so love to make one. I have always wanted to make a doll house.