Fabric Covered Buttons

Looking for another creative outlet in which to use lovely bits of your favorite fabrics? Learn to make fabric covered buttons to match your projects or use up small scraps of favorite fabrics for other embellishment needs!

You may (or may not) already know how to use the kits available commercially for this purpose. They are truly simple to use and it only takes a minute or less to make a button using these kits. They come with their own set of instructions - and that is why I am not covering them here.

Another thing to consider is cost - even on sale the cost per button runs rather high. And in countries like mine... these kits are not even available. So I either have to have things shipped down (at a higher cost), or wait until the next visit to the U.S. to be able to purchase them.

There are other alternatives, however. If you are like me, you probably have a considerable button collection. Notice how many white buttons end up in our stash. They are all shapes and sizes, and just seem to add up. And they seem to be the ones we use the least. Well, here's a chance to put them to good use. And they are a lot cheaper than kits!

 There are other materials that can be used, too. Just scrounge around your house a bit and you'll be surprised at how many light-weight, round objects you can find that can easily be turned into buttons. How? Just follow the links below for a few ideas!