Scrappy Jewelry

As I was going through my basket of teeny tiny scraps I found all these strips I had from leftover strip-piecing projects. So of course they had to be repurposed... and what better than fabric jewelry?

Since I hate to throw out any fabric, no matter how small, I had to find a use for these strips. Fabric jewelry seemed like the logical way to go!

Cut the leftover strip the length you wish to use. For bracelets, this could be anywhere between 7 to 9 inches. From a leftover scrap, cut another strip the same width and length, to use as the backing. From leftover scraps of thin batting, cut another strip, just a tad narrower than the strips of fabric.

Sandwich all three layers and blanket-stitch around all edges.

And that’s pretty much all it takes to make a fabric bracelet. Oh, yes… Be creative with closures. These can be buttons, hook-and-loop tape, elastic loops, or bits of leftover cording or rick-rack that you can sew down on one end, and wrap around a button on the other end.

A bracelet can be left “as is” for a simple and charming effect:

You can make a necklace and matching bracelet:

Or you can embellish as much as you please!

This is a great project to use your “odd” button collection, fabric yo-yos, little ribbon flowers, glass or ceramic beads, or some of the tubular beads made with leftover strips of fabric. Plain or embellished, I can guarantee this will be a piece that will please any teenage girl around!